Our pilot plant  is used to validate the feasibility  of our customers projects, but also to test our ideas and make our developments. Here is the list of major equipment available and some examples of tests and developments ...


Test equipment

  • Multi head feeder, width: 500 mm
  • Powder scatterer,  width: 200,300, 400 mm
  • Powder scatterer with agitator (for solids with fibers and sticky products),  width: 300 mm
  • Conveyor belts
Powder scatter with belt conveyor for estimation of the sprinkling quality onto a surface


Demonstration of the quality of the mass distribution and the fineness of distribution


"Cross direction" distribution of mass


Stability of output flow rate


4 heads feeder in continuous operation: characterization of the instantaneous throughput.

The mass of product recovered on each piece of paper (of a given length), enables us to check the flow rate for each track. The sampling time is adjusted  with the speed conveyor.


Check of the feeding rate of each dosing point on a multi head feeder.


 Scattering of dry herbs onto a round surface to simulate a food product.


 Feeding and scattering of cocoa for a project of dessert making.

Micro- feeding

Test equipments

  • Gravimetric micro feeders:  A to 4A class (Measure resolution from 100 mg to 0.1 mg)
  • Volumetric micro-feeders
  • Loss-in-weight feeders
  • Batch controllers
  • Highly accurate scales
Micro feeding tests


Filling tests of cosmetic powder


Tests on sedimentation and particle size distribution




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