Gravimetric feeding in batch mode

Our commitments / concrete solutions / results

We create solutions  dedicated for each application, to offer  optimized answers supported by a proven technology and a expertise in the dosing of dry materials.

All our industrial solutions comply with the commitments summarized in the table below:

      Process & quality
High accuracy & capability Short dosing time Respect  of the ingredient (low level of mechanical frictions) No discrimination of the particles size
      Reduction of the down time
Quick change of production Ease cleaning operation Short dismounting time Very low maintenance cost - Reliability
      Ergonomics of use - safety
Simple operation Safe sytems for the users Clean operation without dust emissions Traceability of the results - Batch controller with locked parameters
       Reduce emissions
Low energy consumption Very low losses of material, at change of production No wearing parts Full discharge of material at the end of production.

Some examples of application

Production of abrasive parts for brakes for railway - Feeder to be installed in a robotic cell

Feeding in a weighed rotating bowl, aspiration of dust

Fine metal powder

density: 5

Set point: 178 g - 250 g

Accuracy requested: +/-2 g

Cycle time < 10 sec



Feeding skid for nuclear industry

Feeding in a weighed rotating bowl-  fast discharge of the feeder. Our feeder can work with very abrasif material (glass chips), and difficult product to control (glass balls). 

Glass balls and glass chips

density: 1.7

Set point: 30 g - 60 g

Accuracy requested: +/-1 g

Cycle time < 15 sec



Plastic industry - Feeding of zinc stearat

The feeder is mounted on slide in bronze, to ease cleaning operation

Zinc stearat

density: 0.6

Set point: 11g

Requested accuracy: +/- 0.15 g

Cycle time < 12 sec



Filling of cartridges with toner

Integrated solution on trolleys


density: 0.7

Set point: 50 -100 g

Requested accuracy: +/- 0.5 g

Cycle time < 8 sec



Micro feeding -   integration on an assembly machine with turn table

2a or 3A class feeder

Powder xxx

density: 1.5

Set point: 0.38 g à 3.98 g

Accuracy requested: +/- 0.01 g - 

Cycle time < 10 sec

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