MCPI Fine dosing® scattering machines are designed to sprinkle dry ingredients on large widths , with a uniform distribution profile across the application, and stable output flow rate.

MCPI powdering machines are simple to operate: the output flow rate is adjusted with a frequency variator.  With the same machine it is possible to work with numerous ingredients.   A special attention is paid at the design stage to produce equipment  that is easy to clean and to maintain.

Our new innovative  solutions, combined with the dimensioning know-how of today, have raised scattering performance to a totally new level. 


Advantages : The  high-performance powdering machines deliver numerous value-adding benefits compared to other products on the market, such as:

  • Excellent distribution and stability
  • Throughput flow range:  adjustable with a ratio of 1 to100
  • Capacity to operate the same machine with many kinds of materials with almost no segregation of particles.
  • Reliable and easy operation and maintenance
  • Optimised with the ingredient properties.

Optional hygienic construction for food industry.


Some typical applications;

  • Scattering of fine powders such as starch, talcum, metal powders, ...or granulates in different application fields.
  • Sprinkling of salt for cheese industry
  • Scattering of powders or granules in food industry.

MCPI Fine dosing® : An exclusive and patented technology, for the highest level of performance.   click

Hygienic design according the definition of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group):

  • Simple design rules
  • Easy access to all machine surfaces for cleaning, disinfection and inspection
  • Eliminating hidden areas where deposits and biofilm can accumulate
  • All surfaces in contact with the material are "FDA" conform .
MCPI Fine dosing® powder scattering  technology was rewarded at CFIA Rennes.




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