Gravimetric feeder for glass balls and chips.

(Nuclear industry)

Goals:  Feed repeatedly and reliably small amounts of   glass  balls or glass chips to be mixed with the nuclear fuel cycle ends. The difficulty is to dose materials with very different flow characteristics (free flowing , but difficult to control for the balls and difficult to extract for the chips).
  The metering accuracy required, and + / - 0.5 g. The system was skid mounted and tested in our workshops.

Benefits of MCPI Fine dosing solution:

  • The ability to control  with the same efficiency the feeding of the balls and chips (free and poor flowing materials). 
  •  No wear despite the extreme aggressiveness of glass chips.
  • A fast discharge of the feeder is provided by the second outlet .

Performance / technical data:

  Min. dosing time    : 20 sec
 Type of load cell    : analogical  ( scales resolution :0.1 g)
 Min. and max. dose    : from 60 g to 120 g
 Fast discharge    : With a second outlet, in opposite direction of the dosing outlet (the feeder works in return speed).
 Weighing principle    : The material is dosed in a swivelling bowl, mounted on a load cell.
 Weighing controller    : With adjustable coarse - fine flows commutation, tolerance control.
  •   Flexibility to cope with quite different materials (balls and chips)
  • Low friction between ingredient and machine parts, ensuring  wear free operation.


General view of the  skid mounted feeder .


Detailed view of the swivelling bowl and load cell (protected in a stainless steel housing).


Extractor outlet. Discharge of ingredient with reverse motion and a second outlet


Dosing of glass balls, diameter 4 mm:  60g in 12 sec, standard deviation: 0.19 g


 Fine dosing SPA-A : Indium balls Ø 1.5 mm - set point: 6 g  - Standard deviation: 0.028 g

MCPI weighing controllers for an easier operation and a better process control click

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