MCPI Fine dosing® technology is dedicated to highly precise powder dispensing and scattering.

MCPI Fine dosing technology opens the door to exciting new ideas for your products. Our research into the behavior and extraction of solids has lead us to develop a range of  powder feeders and scatterers with an original principle leading to exceptional performances. Never before had a technology given such advantages in terms of accuracy and speed of feeding, reliability and hygiene, in the field of solids feeding.

We invite you to discover here a unique concept, and imagine all the benefits you can draw for your processing...

Our patented principle of extraction is based on high density shear forces, able to cut bonds existing between powder particles. As a result, the size of powder agglomerates is reduced, and it is possible to extract steadily very fine flows of material. These conditions are key points for a perfect control of flow rate and to reach a high level of accuracy.



Extraction principle:

In addition to powder fluidisation, an extraction effect is obtained as explained below:

The oscillating mechanism  gives a dissymmetric to-and-fro movement. In this movement , the return speed is faster than the  forward direction speed. The forward direction is corresponding to the direction of material transfer. To illustrate it, imagine the following experiment. Take a coin on a paper sheet. Move the sheet with an alternate movement whom return speed is higher than forward way. You can see than the coin is moving on the sheet...

Movement is given by a mechanical mechanism working in an oil bath, designed for long term operation, with low maintenance needs. This reliable technology is associated with first class mechatronics solutions for a full control of the process.

MCPI generators are based on mechanical Cams Shaft technology , to guaranty a stable, reliable and incomparable extraction of material.

This is an original and patented design.

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Our passion for analysing, understanding and imagining....


Benefits of MCPI Fine dosing® solutions:

Powder extraction efficiency Good efficiency and perfect feeding control with almost all types of ingredients: from fine powders with poor flowing properties (dyes, starch,lactose...) or  coarse ingredients (granulates, balls...).
Short reaction time  For batch volumetric feeding, dosing cycle can be reduced to 0.3 sec..
Powder extraction control In batch dosing (gravimetric),  the ratio between coarse and fine flows can be over order to get a quick and accurate feeding.
Powder scattering  Thanks to the  extraction capacity, it is possible to get powder scattering on large width with good profile of distribution.
 Flexibility  Most of MCPI Fine dosing systems can be used with many  types of ingredients (from fine powders to granules), with a very wide range of output flows.
Respect of the ingredient  Feeding of delicate ingredients (tablets, chocolates curls...) is possible.
 Cleaning / Hygiene design  Dismantling for cleaning is a question of a few seconds (or a  few minutes for the largest systems). All MCPI Fine dosing® feeders and powdering machines are available with hygienic manufacturing (EHEDG rules). They are built with FDA-compliant materials.
 Safety  Since the stroke of the mechanical parts in movement is reduced (< 7 mm),  production and cleaning operations are safe for users.

 Low maintenance equipment thanks to a reliable mechanical movement, and since there is no moving seals nor any wearing parts (abrasive ingredients do not create wear of the feeder). In comparison with screw feeder, MCPI Fine dosing feeders can't be damaged with unwanted parts coming from the ingredient.


 MCPI Fine dosing ® : Performance and innovation.




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